A day Union Strong

It was a gorgeous Saturday morning and a great opportunity to bond with working and retired Union members. Local 104 sponsored a cornhole tournament fundraiser to support education and enjoy time spent with union members and their families.

Rep. Ruben Gallego attended the event to show his support for unions and how they improve the lives of workers. Unions are responsible for workers earning overtime, 40hr work week, paid time off (sick, holiday, vacation) child labor laws, just to name a few.

Cornhole is a fun game that needs no handicap. Men, women, and children of all ages participated in the festivities. We lost a game to a husband and wife team that took turns holding their eight month old while playing. It was a great time.

Comradery, inclusiveness and togetherness is the feeling obtained from being with union members. As a retired member from a union, that feeling of belonging never wanes. Once a union member always a union member, that is my feeling as a retired member because of how included I feel being at union functions.

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