A Free and Easy Way to Support #TheResistance

There is a free and easy way to support the #TheResistance and to ride the blue wave to 2020. Although campaign donations are always greatly appreciated, we really need our volunteers and those willing to help to get the names of qualified candidates on the ballot.


The single greatest contribution you can make right now is simply to sign a Democratic candidate’s petition. Ten seconds is all it takes to be a patriot.

If you were a registered voter in Arizona’s congressional District 8, please consider throwing your support my way by helping get my name on the ballot. While my campaign has been blessed with active volunteers, the reality is that time is growing short and temperatures are rising steadily while we tirelessly canvass neighborhoods to garner enough signatures.

It wasn’t until I decided to run for office that I truly understood the amount of effort that goes into winning an election. I realized that I would have to raise enough money to launch a formidable campaign in such a highly contentious race that put the likes of a foaming conservative such as Trent Franks in office. But I never realized how many small tasks had to be completed before the election — relentless paperwork, financial filings, countless demands vying for your attention while you meet with constituents and still find time for work and family.

Realize that this scenario is playing out across the nation and hundreds of races right now. Thanks to the likes of volunteers and supporters such as yourself, we have real hope to positively change the political landscape of Washington this November.

Please join the fight. I urge each of you to contact your Democratic candidates in your own house races to see if they could use your signature. We are counting on you, the Resistance, to help bring our party to victory.

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