Gun Control Needed Now

gun control
Americans want gun control. By Slowking4 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Americans want gun control. 

A vast majority of us want to see reasonable laws. In short, “reasonable” means:

  • requiring background checks
  • prohibiting the mentally ill from owning guns
  • blocking the sale of bump stocks and high-capacity magazines
  • banning assault-style weapons
  • and raising the legal age for purchases

Those who support tougher laws include almost every demographic. Democrats, Republicans, youth, Second Amendment fans, as well as card-carrying National Rifle Association members are in favor of stricter laws. The NRA, the very organization tasked with protecting gun owner interests, ignores their membership and continues to push an agenda opposed to their wishes.

Laws in other countries show us that even modest restrictions will help curb gun violence.

If voters want it, gun owners are in favor, and we know it will work, why don’t we have it?


Washington obstructs gun control laws for the same reason other legislation is blocked. This is why we do not have single-payer healthcare, tax reform which serves the middle class, as well as open and fair elections. The GOP-controlled Congress works against the public they represent. Legislators pass laws in favor of those who give money to their expensive campaigns. Who is behind that money?

Ironically, the NRA faces the same problem. Like Washington Republicans, the pro-gun group no longer works in the member’s interest. Gun manufacturers and wealthy donors hold the NRA hostage much like the NRA holds hostage Washington politicians.

Reasonable gun laws will not increase the profit of the wealthy corporate backers of the NRA and its PAC. Therefore, GOP politicians will not see an increase in campaign donations. No one is looking out for the public’s interest.

The results are clear. Proposed legislation serves the gun lobby. Most evident is the ludicrous idea to arm and train teachers. The result will be an increase in gun sales while simultaneously strengthening the NRA’s grip. Public outcry is to be managed. Money would be spent to control the narrative. In the end, America will wait for the next crazed gunman to set a new record on the number killed.


Corporations are prohibited from donating to NRA’s PAC. However, they give millions to the organization itself which determines policy and the agenda. This is reflected in the backing to campaigns. The numbers don’t lie. Pro-gun spending dominates Washington politics by 40-to-1.

GOP legislation will follow the model of tax reform and healthcare. In short, they will pander to special interests and lobbyists.

So what is the public to do?

Voters must elect candidates who refuse to accept NRA money. We need individuals who have the integrity to work in the best interest of the public.

My name is Bob Olsen. I am running for the US House of Representatives in Arizona’s 8th Congressional District. I am one such candidate.

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