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The AFL-CIO held its Southwest District convention in Phoenix at the Hilton. Workers there are union organized, and the staff exemplified professionalism during the two day event. Without a doubt, they made the convention a success.

One segment of the conference highlighted why unions are so important to the workforce. A group of four union steel workers from Local 75 had grievances at their workplace. They took issue with the method of logging work hours. Their employer maintains no data verifying work hours since workers do not punch a time clock. Instead, the job foreman takes a picture of the crew to show they were present and accounted for. There is no accountability.

Human resources provides no help. They play the “go ask that person” game giving these employees the run around. In the mean time, workers are losing money labored for due to management. This is the reality of working in an “At Will” employment State.

Being a member of a union in good standing is being part of a family. Generosity and empathy kicked in, and without hesitation everyone in the room was opening their wallet. In 15 minutes, over $2,000 was raised in support of union brothers and sisters standing up for what is right.

Other union chapters volunteered to walk the picket line in protest of theft occurring from working Americans. Not crossing the line means no materials, supplies or other supporting goods needed on the job will not be delivered.

United we stand, divided we beg.

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