Lip service serves no one

Being a public servant means being actively engaged helping people in the community. What matters to constituents is the connection between them and the people they elect to serve not the few, but the many. The Labor Force represents the many since employees vastly outnumber employers.

Residents of the City of Phoenix had two ballot initiatives that would have had a significant impact on labor and public transportation if it had passed. What is important to understand is business owners supported the passage of these measures. Propositions 105 and 106 would have ceased Light Rail Transportation. Passage would have limited access for citizens of public transportation, this mode of travel runs on electricity. It is planet friendly.

It was an honor to band with my brothers and sisters involved in Organized Labor to protect the workforce. Reaching out to voters via phone banking was a great tool for reaching voters to inform them of the issues that affect them, whether they realize that or not.

One thing is certain, my incumbent Republican opponent supported these ballot measures. I promise to always support the citizens of Arizona’s 8th Congressional District and not Big Corporations.

Together we stand; Divided we beg

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