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There is something obvious that every candidate’s campaign needs in order to have a chance at winning, and that’s contributions from supporters like you. It is just my opinion maybe, but candidates usually do a poor job of describing why fundraising is so important, and what those funds are actually used for.

I want to explain why fundraising is important for my campaign for the U.S.House in Congress, and what the money my campaign raises will be used for. I will explain my plan and how this plan will work to defeat my Republican opponent, and why I believe applying this method can be successful.

Let me start by saying that the race for Federal Senate seats is statewide, and is funded by voters statewide. In all states but Montana, (which has only one U.S. Congress seat that covers the entire state), the race for the Federal House in Congress is really a local race by district, and is mostly funded locally, just like the race for the State Senate and House.


The concept of “grassroots” has been around as long as mankind has existed, although it didn’t always have a name. The word basically represents the idea that Together We Stand. Unity and fighting against oppression are the momentum behind this movement. Since the ruling of Citizens United, money has become speech, and we see buckets of cash donated by the extremely wealthy pouring into the war funds of even candidates in local races. My Republican opponent is one such candidate. She has received donations from the NRA, Defense Contractors, and big Corporations. Who is she beholden to? This is what we are up against. Now is the time to assemble our grassroots citizens who want to combat the “Dirty Money” that is flowing into politics.

In order for me to qualify to get on the ballot, I need over 1,700 signatures from eligible Democrat, Independent, and “No Party” voters. Our goal is to collect 2,500 signatures to ensure the campaign has the required amount of valid signatures to be on the ballot. Look for “Get Involved” on this website, and follow the link at “Get Bob on the Ballot” to the Secretary of State’s website. Once there, click on VOTE, then on the E-Qual Sign a Candidate Nominating Petition, enter your driver’s license and e-sign to help get my name on the Primary ballot.

Once you sign my petition, I hope you will support my candidacy by donating something to my campaign fund. I need your gracious donations to go forward and win. Becoming a sustaining donor of even $5.00 a month will help.

I am also looking for supporters who are able to do more. If just a thousand of you are willing to become sustaining donors of at least $20 per month, that would give the campaign a $20,000 or-more-per-month income to purchase signs for advertising, postage for mailings to reach voters and inform them about the campaign, to rent space for holding campaign functions, and to pay for possible radio and television advertising, which is the fastest and most effective way of getting my message out to the voters of CD8.

This grassroots fundraising is how we, the people, can stand up and fight back against the power campaign.


There is truth to the logic that money is where the ultimate allegiance lies. That explains the bills that get signed into law that favor big corporations and the wealthy. Just look at the Tax and Jobs Act where companies like Amazon earned billions of dollars, claimed zero in taxable income, and still received a tax refund.

This is exactly the reason I am only asking you, the voter, to be part of my grassroots movement to unseat the Republican incumbent, Debbie Lesko.. After all it is only you, the voter, I will be beholden to. Your signature on my petition gets me on the ballot, your vote will get me elected to office, and your generous contributions will make it happen.

Thanks to all who can help!


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