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Current research shows “Baby Boomers” to now be the largest voting block in America. They have been voting longer than most generations, save one, and in 2020 have much at stake to drive them to the polls. Elected Republicans in Washington D.C. have been trying to cut benefits to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

It is estimated that very soon “Millennials” will overtake Baby Boomers in this category. As it stands, they are a very close second to Baby Boomers, and they have an axe to grind. This is where opportunity lies.

Both generations have a common foe, “Moscow Mitch” and the Republican lead Senate; Donald Trump, and his administration that support his obstruction. Baby Boomers see the Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid under attack. Millennials see them ignoring climate science and abandoning reason on sensible gun legislation. Both generations feel the effects of “Trickle Down Economics”.

Alliance for Retired Americans

Retirees in Arizona from many different unions congregated with lawmakers to strengthen the bond between representative and citizen. Elected officials like Phoenix Mayor, Kate Gallego, who support organized labor and the right to collective bargaining.

It is reassuring to see my union brothers and sisters retired, but being activist for equality. This type of activism is why unity is so vital to the working men and women of this country. Without equity, employment considerations will always favor the employer.

Once elected by the people of Arizona’s 8th Congressional District, I will continue to speak for the labor force that keeps the flow of commerce moving efficiently.

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  • Hi Bob,

    I just signed the online petition to help get you on the ballot. Last year my wife & I canvassed for Hiral Tipirneni, helped fill out post cards, etc. Disappointing that she lost & disgusted with right wing nutjob Debbie Lesko. We desperately need someone representing CD8 who’s not a Trump lapdog. Our only hope is someone with qualifications like you (I’m a Navy vet too) that can go up against her & convince seniors (especially those who remember Watergate) that she needs to go. Makes me want to barf every time I see here ugly face on TV during Judiciary Committee hearings. Unfortunately we’re usually away traveling during summer, so may miss the primary next year. But should you win the primary and be our “Obi Wan” will be glad to support you. Let’s hope Mark Kelly (another Navy guy, woo hoo!) beats McSally & turn our state from purple to blue.

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