Seniors Lose in AZ Special Election

Arizona’s 8th Congressional District recently held a special election to fill the vacancy by the departure of the disgraced Trent Franks. While Republican Debbie Lesko narrowly won the election, seniors living in our district are the clear losers.

Lesko became a GOP puppet after accepting more than a million dollars from the party’s war chest and other dark money sources in order to buy her victory. She outspent her opponent many times over. This means Lesko will be indebted to the Republicans and other wealthy donors like Koch Brothers assuring her support for their agenda. Their plans are currently focused on “entitlements”.


Seniors might think this is a great idea. That is until they realize this means conservatives are targeting Medicare and Social Security to finance their recent tax scam for the rich. You can be assured that the Republican-led Congress will act on gutting these two programs before the November general election and their loss of control in Washington, which is all but guaranteed.

While it is too late to change the results of the special election, we can focus on removing Lesko in the November general election. I urge you to support candidates who will protect older Americans.

My name is Bob Olsen, and I am running for Congress. As a Democratic candidate, I promise to protect Medicare and Social Security for seniors living in our district. I welcome your support.

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