There is no Planet B

There are many important issues before the American people this election cycle. Issues ranging from healthcare, education and a living wage just to name a few. These issues mean nothing if there is no habitable planet to live on. The Fossil Fuel Industry is instrumental in contributing to these effects.

Those of us that accept the science relating to Global Warming have been fighting toward a civilization of clean, sustainable and renewable energy for decades. The evidence is staring us in the face on how to efficiently transition from using fossil fuels to clean energy.

The Republican Resistance

Opposition to the science of Global Warming exist in one place, the Republican Party. Across the globe, nations agree with scientific facts relating to the crisis Earth is in. Republicans in the United States are the only collective that refute the evidence the scientific community is stating.

With all signs pointing to a global catastrophe, Republicans continue to publicly ignore what is right in front of them. Why, what motivation would anyone have to denounce scientist from around the world on this issue?


Democrats are rejecting donations from the Fossil Fuel Industry. This is why Lobbyist from this industry takes priority over voting constituents. Examples like this illuminate the priority to which elected Republican members in Washington D.C. give.

The Next Generation

Friday, September 20, 2019 was a global demonstration unparalleled. Students worldwide organized and peacefully demonstrated how important this issue to them. Rally’s demonstrating global climate change made the world take notice.

Just as my generation began action to reverse the effects of global warming, todays youth have spoken how this issue is important to them. I am excited to have a new generation to join the fight to end the stronghold the fossil fuel industry has in D.C.

A new voting generation is coming to the polls having grown up with negative effects of Republican leadership. They have seen Republicans do nothing on the issue of Gun Safety (possibly due to the amount of money the NRA pumps into the Republican Party). They have seen Republicans do nothing on living wage legislation.

Most importantly, they have seen Republicans continue to be inactive when it comes to saving the Earth. This new block of Democratic voters will be the key to transitioning to renewable energy for America’s power source.

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