Working to Save Our Planet

Global Warming is not a hoax. Scientist have been warning us about this for decades now. July of 2019 has been the hottest temperatures Earth has suffered since collecting the data of climate temperatures have been recorded.

Why then has nothing been done to correct this problem. All you have to do is look at where denying the problem exist. The Oil and Gas Industry have lobbied law makers in Washington D.C. and the states they operate in. Money is flowing into the pockets of legislators. This is to ensure laws are not passed that curtail pumping oil and gas from the earth. We have Citizens United to thank for that.

Fracking is now happening in Arizona. The result of this will result in additional methane gas released into our atmosphere. Naturally this will trigger more Carbon Dioxide gases trapped in the air increasing climate temperatures.

Think Globally act Locally

Maricopa County in Arizona has the alias of “Valley of the Sun”. Mother Nature provides solar energy for free. It is sustainable, renewable and releases zero toxins into the air.

With the choice of the two options between solar vs. oil and gas, the logical decision is solar energy. The same jobs created to frack in Arizona should have been created in the transition to solar energy. Nature is providing job opportunities right here in Maricopa County.

There is no reason Congressional District 8 in Arizona is not leading charge in this transition. Workers employed in the Oil and Gas Industry should be given priority on jobs to minimize any burden to the Unemployment System. Energy supplied to homeowners and businesses would be reduced due to the cost to produce solar power.

One elected, Arizona’s 8th Congressional District will be at the hub of transitioning to solar energy and eliminate fossil fuels to turn the lights on.

United We Stand, Divided We Beg

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